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Remember, exams are just one small milestone in life, not life itself.

1) When youíre anxious, reach out to a close friend, relative, teacher or counsellor you trust
2) Avoid talking to people who make you feel worse about your predicament
3) Donít talk to friends who make you feel anxious about your exams
4) Do not indulge in a postmortem of a paper once itís over
5) While writing the paper, focus on what you know first. When you struggle to remember something, your mind can go blank
6) Sleep for eight hours before the paper
7) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
8) Avoid junk food
9) If youíre in distress, seek professional help.

Helpline numbers :

Maharashtra State Board Helpline : 2789-3756 (8am to 9pm)

Aasra : 2754-6669/2754-6667 (24x7)

Centralised Toll-Free CBSE Helpline : 1800 11 7002

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