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Every 40 seconds a life is lost through suicide(Worldwide as per WHO data). Suicide Rate (India 2006-07): General Population-11.5 % per lakh. Army-7.5 % per lakh. Mumbai: (As per Police stats) 3 lives lost per day due to suicide. Navi MumbaiL As per Police stats) 2 lives lost per week due to suicide

In India according to National Crime Records Bureau 110,417 people committed suicide in the year 2002, which is 1.8% more than compared to 2001., i.e; a suicide is committed every five minutes. Seven times that number attempt to take their lives and as for those who feel desperate and unable to cope, the number is mind boggling. More suicides occur between 18 and 45 - in other words in the most productive age group of our society.

- Every 3 seconds a person attempts to die.
- Suicide is one of the top three causes of death among the young in the age group of 15-35 years
- The psychological, social and financial impact of suicide on the family and the society is immeasurable.
- About 1 lakh people die by suicide in India every year.
- 3 people in a day in Mumbai commit suicide.
- 2 in a week in Navi Mumbai commit suicide.
- Each suicide leaves at least 6 people devastated.6 lakhs people become survivors every year in India.

Suicide estimates suggest fatalities worldwide could rise to 1.5 million by 2020. Suicide is a largely preventable public health problem, causing almost half of all violent deaths as well as economic costs in the billions of dollars, says the WHO.

Dr Catherine Le Gals-Camus, WHO Assistant-Director General, Non-communicable Diseases and Mental Health said: "World-wide, more people die from suicide than from all homicides and wars combined. There is an urgent need for co-ordinated and intensified global action to prevent this needless toll. For every suicide death there are scores of family and friends whose lives are devastated emotionally, socially and economically."

Suicide rates tend to increase with age, but there has recently been an alarming increase in suicidal behaviours amongst young people aged 15 to 25 years old, worldwide. With the exception of rural China, more men than women commit suicide, although in most places more women than men attempt suicide.

Some [pointers regarding stress and depression and suicide culled from The WEEK magazine. 2008 survey)Mid-year special.

Under High stress your biological age can be 30 times higher than your calendar age.

69% of people suffering from stress related disorders such as depression were apprehensive that society would consider them to be crazy.55 % of people suffering from stress related disorders say they have no or very few close friends.71% people under stress refrain from social activities.50% of people under stress say they are not able to pursue leisure activities or hobbies.

The typical age of onset of social anxiety disorder is 12 to 19
- 77% people under stress say anxiety or disorders such as insomnia or depression hamper their romantic relationships.
- 58% are embarassed to acknowledge that they are depressed.
- 35% people sufferin g from social anxiety disorder say they avoid intimacy with partners.

A studysays 72% writers, 42% artists, 41% politicians, 36% intellectuals, 35% musicians and 33% scientists are prone to stress related disorders.

Depression among the youth has increased from 2% to 12% in the last five years. Globally 3 out of every 5 visits to the doctor are for stress related problems. 76% people under stress say they have sleeping disorders and 58% suffer headaches. Laughing helps ease stress. And laughing 100 times equals 10 minutes of working out on a rowing machine or 15 minutes of cycling. 85% of people under stress tend to have strained relations with family and friends. 70% of people under stress say they have become short-tempered. A NIMHANS study says 36 % techies in Bangalore show signs of psychiatric disorder. Globally 1 out of every 10 students suffer significant distress. Over 50% of lost workdays accross the world are due to stress, says an ILO study. 16000 students in India committed suicide between 2004 and 2008

According to reports 50% employees in India Inc are under stress :30% have problems such as addictions and marital discord.20% suffer from depression.

Depression is the No 1 occupational disease of the 21st century says WHO. 49% of people under stress say they suffer from upset stomach or nausea. 71% people undress stress feel they are not productive and cry regularly.

Over 50% of the World's children are brought up in stressful conditions, says UNESCO. 1 in every 20 IT professionals comtemplates suicide , says NIMHANS study.The US govt spends $ 3 billion per year on stress related issues such as compensation claims , medical expenses and reduced productivity.

Children laugh about 300 times a day while adults laugh only 15 to 100 times.India currently has only about 3500 psychiatrists. Analysts say there must be at least a three fold increase in strength to help a growing tribe of people suffering from stress related disorders.

66% CEO's in India are stressed out and 11% find it too much to handle says ASSOCHAM.72% of students in India are unaware of how to deal with stress and it's ill-effects.In 2006 alone 5,857 students comitted suicide owing to exam stress.27.6% of IT professionals in India are addicted to narcotic drugs says a NIMHANS study.

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